Shared Long Code

shared long codeA shared Long Code is one shared by more than one company.  This means there are multiple applications or services running on it which are designated by keywords.  For example, a mobile applications agency applies for a single Long Code and supports multiple customers like, a newspaper brand, CPG brand and a content company via a single Long Code.  Nothing wrong with doing this, but then again what’s the point of doing this when a number costs Rs.1200.00 a month.

TIPS on  Shared Long Code: Shared Long Code is a 10 digit Dedicated or shared Mobile Number to be used for SMS Campaign without paying Premium Charges by the sender as in the case of shortcode number, it provides all features of a Shortcode and sender is charged only as per their Normal SMS Charges as he sends to any other mobile number.

Shortcode & Longcode enables 2 way communication between Orgainisation/Company and their Users/clients and widely used for value-added services such as Reality Show Voting, Customers Feedback, Voting/Polling, Automated Lead Generation, Online Subscriptions, Examination Results & Media Entertainment Marketing Verticals.

SHORTSMS Solutions…Tailor-made to your needs. In case you have thought of a specific idea of SMS service which you believe can be very useful for your customers, employees, vendors & dealers; please consult us to convert it into reality.

With the right combination of our services- Bulk SMS, Shortcode, Longcode & SMS Gateway APIs, we will deliver you the desired solution with guaranteed quality assurance and high flexibility.


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