Cloud SMS- Multi User

The Click SMS multi-user service is typically used by larger organisations that require many individual SMS accounts for use within the organisation and who also need a point of central visibility and control.  A web-based administration module is provided for this purpose, enabling you to set up and manage SMS sub-accounts for individual users, departments or external customers.

Our SMS API also provides support for the multi-user service.  Business applications can be SMS enabled at the sub-account level, whilst the complexity of managing those accounts is provided via the Administrator control panel functionality.

The Administrator is provided with the following controls for setting up and managing SMS sub-accounts:

Create/disable sub-accounts

The standard SMS multi-user module provides for up to 50 sub-accounts although this can be increased if required.  Contact us for further information.

SMS reporting

View messages sent and delivery status – for all or individual sub-accounts, for a selected date range and/ mobile number.

Set/modify passwords

Set the initial password for sub-accounts which can be changed on request, or as required.

Set SMS credit

Add/Subtract SMS credits.

Set sub-account permissions

SMS messages not immediately delivered can be set to expire after a specified period of between 30 minutes and 48 hours.


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