Short SMS


SHORTSMS information security policy provides the guiding framework for managing information security within our organization – how we process and protect your data, the security of our systems, internal security and staff procedures, our obligations under law and relationships with third parties.

SHORT SMS is committed to protecting your privacy. We aim to provide a secure environment so you can use our products and services safe in the knowledge that the security of your personal and business data is maintained and respected.

Information sent to SHORT SMS remains the property of the account holder. Any information such as your name, address, email and contact details that we collect from you is used only for the purpose of processing orders, providing customer support and providing you with information in response to your queries or keeping you informed of any new services we may have to offer.

Information you entrust with us will at no time be made available to a third party without your full consent, except where SHORT SMS are legally required by law to do so.

How SMS works:

SMS works on a store-and-forward basis. Instead of being sent directly to the recipient, SMS messages travel through several important nodes before reaching the recipient.

  1. The SMS message is submitted to your wireless service provider’s SMS Center.
  2. After the message is processed internally, the SMS Center sends a request to the Home Location Register (HLR) and receives the routing information for the recipient.
  3. The SMS Center sends the message to the Mobile Switching Center (MSC).
  4. The MSC collects the recipient’s information from the Visitor Location Register (VLR) and, sometimes, proceeds with an authentication operation.
  5. The MSC forwards the message to a Mobile Server
  6. The MSC returns the outcome of the Forward Short operation to the SMS Center.
  7. The SMS Center reports delivery status of the short message back to the sender.

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