Integrate SMS into your organisation’s website or business application and send/receive SMS messages via a XML over HTTPS POST using the Click SMS Gateway API.

The SMS API provides the following key functionality:

Send SMS messages

Send a message (up to 459 characters) to a single recipient and/or up to 500 recipients in a single HTTPS POST.

Schedule SMS messages

Schedule messages to be submitted for delivery at the specified date and time.

Message delivery confirmation

Receive delivery receipts detailing message delivery status and time, via a HTTP POST to the URL specified in your outbound message.

Check SMS credit

Check the number of message credits remaining on your account.

Set message expiry

SMS messages not immediately delivered can be set to expire after a specified period of between 30 minutes and 48 hours.

Set message sender

Personalise your message, enhance awareness of your organisation’s brand, or set as the sender id a number your clients can reply to.

Receive SMS messages

With a VMN (Virtual Mobile Number) to receive messages you can set-up message forwarding on your Web based control panel via a XML over HTTP POST to a specified URL.

TIPS : An application programming interface (API) is a way for different computer programs to interact with one another. Different computer programs are written in different languages, but often must communicate with one another despite the language barrier. Think of an API as being a door that allows outside programs to interact with the specific program to which a given API applies. As a programmer, if you don’t use the door to access that specific program, you aren’t getting access.


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