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Cloud SMS

The SHORT SMS Web SMS service is a powerful, versatile browser-based messaging tool. It provides a rich set of features whilst remaining easy and intuitive to use. Contacts can be created online, uploaded into groups, or recipient numbers can simply be copied into the SMS form. Sending an SMS message to either a single recipient or 10,000 is then a straightforward task.

With support for message scheduling, long messages, plus online and email delivery reporting options, our Web SMS service provides the complete online messaging solution.

Send long SMS messages

Sometimes 160 characters is just not enough! Send messages up to 459 characters in length.

Schedule SMS messages

Compose your message, set a time and date you wish the message to be submitted for delivery and submit for scheduling. Scheduled messages can be re-scheduled, edited and deleted.

Set message sender

Increase your visibility to your customers by branding your SMS messages with a customised sender id.

Track delivery status

Monitor online (in close to real time) the delivery status of every message you send. Track time received or why the message was undelivered – i.e. phone switched off, out of coverage, phone memory full, etc.

SMS delivery reports

Generate detailed delivery status reports online. These reports can also be sent to your email inbox (Excel format).

Upload SMS contacts

Upload a CSV formatted list of names and mobile numbers to create your SMS contacts and populate your SMS groups.

Low credit alert

Set up an email reminder for when your SMS credit is running low.


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