SHORT SMS offer some of the lowest SMS message rates in India, in combination with using the best quality message routing through India’s Premium  mobile operators. The only cost for sending messages is the cost of the pre-paid message credits which can be used to send messages via our Web SMS service or via our messaging platform gateway using our SMS API. There will be a initial setup cost and there will be no  on-going costs. Online and email SMS delivery reporting is free and SMS message credits remain valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Note: All prices shown exclusive of VAT We provide a Indian and an International pricing tariff. If you wish to send SMS messages to non-Indian mobile numbers you can first check SMS coverage for specific details on the mobile network operators reachable in each country.

Indian International
Quantity Cost per SMS Quantity Cost per SMS
100 100 100 800
500 400 500 3,750.00
1000 700 1000 8,000.00
5000 3,000.00 5000 37,500.00
10000 5,500.00 10000 80,000.00
25000 10,000.00 25000 187,500.00
50000 18,000.00 50000 400,000.00
100000 28,000.00 100000 750,000.00


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